JFA's Virtual Office Ergonomics


Majority of us sit on a seat and use the computer for over 6 hours a day. Under these circumstances, it is extremely important to be comfortable in your work area. A workstation that is not ergonomically set-up can lead to increased fatigue, increased risk of injury, and lower productivity.

JFA Skills

The degreed and certified ergonomists at JFAssociates, Inc. can assist you to improve the ergonomic set-up in your workplace. Evaluations can be conducted from a remote location with high quality and expert recommendations.

 Our team has extensive experience and skill in conducting workstation evaluations, providing workstation recommendations, and educating clients on applied ergonomics principles.

Benefits of Virtual Office Ergonomics
  • Personalized Service
  • Cost Effective
  • Time Effective
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • No Time Away from Work
  • Maintain Social Distancing

The Process
  • Collect background information
  • Collect photographs of user at workstation
  • Obtain workstation and anthropometric measurements
  • Conduct body part discomfort survey
  • Conduct a Zoom video conference
  • Based on ergonomics principles, develop practical tips and recommendations
  • Submit a Report