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Job Analysis & Accommodation

"Perform workplace evaluations to determine employees’ on-the-job requirements, and assess the accommodations necessary to ensure successful rehabilitation and return to work"

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Job accommodation is a reasonable modification to the job or work environment that makes it possible for an individual with a limitation or disability to perform job duties. Determining whether to provide accommodations involves considering the required job tasks, the functional requirements of the task, the capabilities of the person doing the job, the level of hardship to the employer, and other issues. Accommodations may include specialized equipment, facility modifications, adjustments to work schedules or job duties, as well as a whole range of other creative solutions.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 protects Americans with disabilities from discrimination. It focuses on the physical side of various disabilities:

  • Requirements for alternatives to staircases
  • Number and layout of disability parking spaces
  • Directional and auditory cues for emergencies
  • Room layout and furnishings

When an employee returns to work with a disability, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations for them to perform their duties.

At JFAssociates, Inc. we understand that every person and every workplace is different. There is no “one size fits all” solution for accommodating an employee with a disability. Our method for assessing successful return to work relies on the following steps:

  • Interviews with employee(s) and supervisor(s)
  • Workplace observations
  • Workplace measurements
  • Duration of the disability
  • Severity of the disability
  • Essential vs. secondary job functions
  • Physical and mental requirements of the job
  • Current physician recommendations
  • Immediate job changes and training
  • Long term accommodation recommendations
  • Detailed reporting

Section 508 Compliance

If you have any questions regarding our Section 508 Vendor Services, please contact Jeff Fernandez via email, jf [at], or phone, (703) 938 2895.

The Importance of Section 508

Section 508 was enacted as an amendment to Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Unlike the ADA of 1990, Section 508 focuses on eliminating barriers to technology for employees with disabilities. It is now a requirement that all government purchased products and services conform to the Section 508 guidelines. Ensuring compatibility requires an expert opinion. Having a Section 508 verification greatly enhances the desirability of your products or services.

Understanding and applying the requirements of these regulations requires a highly technical background. Our qualified team of engineers strive to provide our clients with accurate, professional guidance.

Noise & Volume Testing Push, Pull & Grip Force Analysis

The maximum force to activate any key or control can be a maximum of 5lbs. Let our human factors professionals determine if your products meet this specification. 

Visibility Requirements

When viewing screens, whether it is on a computer or a device, there are numerous factors that need to be considered to ensure visibility for those requiring accommodation. Testing for these is extremely important if your product is to be successfully marketed in a government contract. We use state-of-the-art testing tools as well as user walkthroughs to determine any problems and ensure compliance. 

Control Placement and Use

When using a stationary machine, the placement and design of the controls, a panel, or a touchscreen is a critical factor. Section 508 has specific requirements for these controls, which are in line with common ergonomic principles. JFAssociates, Inc. has trained and certified ergonomists with vast experience collecting these type of data. 

Readability and Layout

When developing a presentation, document/PDF, website, or anything else what needs to be read, Section 508 dictates specific guidelines to make those files more readable, oversightly, and easier to interact with. These requirements range from broad recommendations regarding layout, to specific HTML code for images on websites. To ensure that your product or the documents you are submitting as part of a government contract are compatible with Section 508, we meticulously review every line of code, the position of every text box or image, and the hierarchy of each heading to ensure all requirements are met.

Why JFAssociates, Inc.?   

The ergonomists and rehabilitation specialists at JFAssociates, Inc.:

  • Are known nationally and internationally for their research and work in ergonomics and rehabilitation engineering.
  • Our engineers have hundreds of published articles related to ergonomics applications, evaluation, capacity determination, and testing.
  • Experience in a broad range of industry and government agencies:

Aerospace Automobile

Call centers Commercial construction

Computer chip manufacturing Computer accessories

Communications Construction trades

Defense Electronic manufacturing

Energy Entertainment

Financial institutions Food processing

Federal Reserve Board NIOSH - US Department of Health and Human Services

OSHA - US Department of Labor US Department of Defense

Foundries Furniture manufacturing and distribution

Healthcare Higher Education

Newspapers Pharmaceutical

Plastics manufacturing Railroad

Retail Security

Small and large assembly Telecommunications

Warehouse US Department of Education

US Department of Justice US Department of State

Specific Services    
  • Job Analysis and Accommodation
  • ADA Compliance & Return to Work Services
  • Section 508 Compliance Services

Job Analysis and Accommodation

JFAssociates specializes in providing the following services:

  • Work/Job assessment to identify ergonomic risk factors
  • Job Modification at the work-site to ensure employees return to work
  • Identification of substitute job duties in order to accommodate individuals without undue hardship to employers
  • Training for employees, supervisors and management

ADA Compliance & Return to Work Services

JFAssociates, Inc. asissts in determining accomodations. ADA services include:

  • Help in interpreting the ADA, its regulations and accessibility guidelines
  • On-site audits
  • Training and technical support in disability awareness/sensitivity training for management and staff

Section 508 Compliance Services

JFAssociates, Inc. provides Section 508 compliance consulting to investigate the following common Section 508 compliance issues:

  • Layout requirements for websites & documents
  • Volume thresholds for auditory signals
  • Maximum forces for activating controls
  • Screen visibility and readability
  • Control panel placement and design

JFAssociates, Inc. Evaluates Current Section 508 Violations.

Current systems which do not meet Section 508 requirements must be redesigned to comply. JFAssociates, Inc. engineers can evaluate your workplace to identify and remedy current Section 508 violations through:

  • Worksite evaluations and modifications
  • Onsite Consultations
  • Administrative Reviews
  • Job restructuring, modifying work schedules
  • Accessibility Consultations
  • Post Alteration Evaluations